4 Steps Towards Success. Part B

4 Steps Towards Success. Part B

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A successful leader has to help other leaders in his team. Choose a period of time (3 months, half a year, a year, etc.) and focus on one of your potential leaders until s/he becomes one during this period of time. Fight for that desired spot in life, follow these steps towards success alongside with him/her.

A good leader should always work in team, with up-line and with down-line. Your mentor and your followers should be on the same page. Discuss your current state of things, set goals together, long term and short term. Don’t get distracted by anything or anyone who has nothing to do with what you are focused on. Tell your children that they are the best and they can handle anything. Let your spouse know that there will be no time for fights or drama for this period of time and work.

Work of a successful leader should consist of the following pointers: use the pitch, marketing plan, or a business template that your mentor is using. If he became successful with it, you can do the same. Eagles fly on their own. It’s very important to make right impression. You need to look appropriate to your business or activity. Appearance, confidence, tone will define this first expression. If you prepare well, if you have good positive image – the results will be great. Never let yourself familiarities or loose behavior. Don’t burn all the bridges, don’t close all the doors. There should always be room for a comeback. Preserve love and respect for people.

If, while writing my books, I feel that I lose love for people, I will stop writing books” John C. Maxwell .

When building relationship, when improving business strategy, a good leader talks to people about what they want, what they dream about and not him. He describes the way how they can reach what they are striving for. A leader manages to show what is good for the prospect in his ideas, business or a group. For example, a fish likes a worm and you can’t catch one with a chocolate because you like it. A prospect will not join and follow you if you show him what you like and need. He is better to see what’s good for him there. A good leader should have a list of motivational reasons for new prospects and listen twice more than speak. Someone likes money, someone likes more free time, someone likes traveling, and someone likes to invest. The prospect should hear what he likes.

Start in Business

When helping a prospect to start in business a good leader is prepared and equipped with all the tools. Together with a prospect you need to set a goal, write a plan in how to reach that goal and follow these steps towards success together. You need to give all necessary materials to your prospect. He has to duplicate your results. In the beginning you will hold a meeting, business plan, or any other activity. Second time you will do first half and the prospect will finish the second half. Third time your prospect will do it himself entering category of a new leader. The more you postpone this third stage the more diffidence the prospect will gain.

Define with your prospect what is his motivation in starting this business, activity and let him know that he should do to achieve it. Teach him how to get there. A good leader teaches with his own example. If the leaders that follow you need to show 15-30 business plans – you are the one to show it as well. If your followers need to visit seminars and webinars you need to be there with them. If your prospects should read books or listen to CDs/DVDs about success of other great leaders, you are the one to recommend them the material. If you want your leaders to promote a product very passionately they need to see how passionate you are about this product.

A good leader is focused on working with potential leaders. Don’t force people who you like to do something they are not interested in. Look for the one that shows initiative. Out of 10 prospects there will be one or two who will want more than the rest and you need to focus on them more and spend more time with them. With them you share your own experience and teach them how to teach the rest. Use the power of materials that can do more than you. Books, CDs, DVDs, seminars are more informative than you and can work at the time that you are not available for your prospect.

So 4 steps towards success and 4 things that every leader should do: share your idea (Business plan, preach, hold a meeting/seminar), set a plan for your activity, follow the steps of the plan towards success, and teach a prospect to become another leader on your team.

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