Starting Big Business. Part B. Find your dream and goal. Make people happy.

Starting Big Business. Part B. Find your dream and goal. Make people happy.

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starting big business starting big business

When starting big business find your dream. Dream, goal, motivation, or need that will lead you through all challenges of big business.

This should be not a big number with a lot of nulls, but something that you can gain with money. If you have this goal you will see that there will be category of people who will hate you for it and the other category will do anything for you, only because of the capital assets. What is capital? It is beauty of your personal qualities. Your success depends on a very simple factor – your mood, your charisma. It is great when you understand what works in business that you do. Goodwill to a man is to wish him happiness (A.V. Suvorov). If you really wish happiness to other people, to your partners, to your up/down line when starting big business you will win their goodwill and that will make you successful in all aspects. If you are not successful yet it means you did not make anyone happy yet. Help people to be happy and you know for sure that you are in the process of being accomplished.

There are 2.5 million people who love popping bubbles of bubble wrap. 22 websites serve these people to feed their likeness. They are united by this common “hobby”. Why don’t you find and unite with people who like same product, activity, idea as you? Or why don’t you share the idea and unite people that might like your specific product or service around you? If a group is gathered in the name of popping bubble wrap, you definitely can find someone who uses what you have to offer or who thinks the same way. If you add excitement to your efforts it will bring happiness not only to you but to others as well.

Love in business. Art of communication

When you talk about happiness you talk with love. What is love in business? It is very important to build any business with feeling of love. When starting big business you should love and appreciate the person you work with all his problems. Communicating with him ignore the negative and focus on positive.

There was experiment made by British scientists: what men like in women? And what women like in men? They showed photographs to thousands of men and women to find the answers. The photographs were depicting women and men with different parameters, sizes, colors, professions. The experiment showed that men love women for a quiet and gentle voice. So simple. And women love men for one single trait – the ability to listen to them. So when a man has enough patience to listen to a woman to the end he will gain a great partner in life, in business, in anything. Follow the principle of love. This is the key to success in communication and in big business. Have the right attitude to people; treat them well, with love, attention, and tendance. This will expedite your accomplishments. This amazing approach will attract more and more people to your idea. This beauty is part of everyone; just find the way to open it. Invest these assets in your business through the art of communication.

This art of communication has 4 factors. First – a skill to keep up to your brand. Be professional in what you do with a smile, in good mood. Second – learn how to ask a question. Don’t talk too much. Don’t show off, just ask a right question that will make your prospect show interest in what you do or what you offer. Do it in a way that the person will feel your goodwill to him. When asking a question it will be easier for you to see his reaction. Third – a skill to find a goodwill/ favor of the interlocutor. Many things can define whether that person will like you or not: your look, your scent, your way of talking, mood, attitude. Fourth – make your prospect find benefit from what you have to offer. If he sees that he can profit from your product, service, idea he will accept it. It works this way: talk about this opportunity to new members of your group, make a list of what you will need for it, follow first steps of the plan together showing the way you do it (process of duplication –teaching to do the same). This reproduction of results, of abilities and skills, duplication of desires and eagerness is the actual process of coaching. Professionals are teaching someone new and that’s how it works. Those new people learning this skill will teach it to new comers in future.

Starting big business is not easy, but when you have a plan, good attitude, trying to make other people happy – you will succeed.

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