What Results Are You Looking For? (Leaders results) Part B

What Results Are You Looking For? (Leaders results) Part B

April 2, 2013 12:58 pm 0 comments

What Results Are You Looking For? (Leader’s results)

Have you ever dealt with Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant? This quadrant shows where you can go, what level you can reach if you focus on leaders results. People might wonder what’s better: to work for somebody, to own your business, to own a big chain, or to invest? This question is wrong; it all depends on what you are planning to gain in life. You could ask in the same way, what is better: bicycle, car, train, or plain? It depends on what is your goal, where you are planning to get to. If you want to roam around, to exercise a bit, a plain won’t do – you need a bicycle for it. But if you want to get to London from Liverpool, than it will take you quite long with the bicycle – you need a car.  If you want to go to NYC from London the car won’t go further than the ocean, even if it’s the best car in the world – you will need a plain. It all depends on what results you are looking for.

If you want to earn your living, so you could exist in this world – working for someone is perfect for it. You just need to go to work, do your job and you will have enough to eat and not to die. If you want to have enough for a house, your own car, a vacation once a year – you will need to start your own business, to work for yourself and not to have a boss. But if you are looking for freedom in your life, choice of anything you want, traveling, big houses, time for hobby, anything you want to do in life – you should go to the right side of the quadrant. This lifestyle is only on the right side. 


So what do you want from your life? What is important for you? Where do you go? Have you ever thought that for anything you do, there is a reward for it? You get your reward now for what you do at present time. Is it enough for you or do you want more? What do you want? So doing something in life you know what you will get in the end. If you work on a project that will bring you financial freedom, your final results are your motivation. It’s very sad if you don’t know what you can expect form your work that you do now, especially if you work for more than 10 or 20 years. So what results are you looking for?

Have you ever planned and focused on your final results? Your goals and dreams are very important. Make a book of dreams and results you want to achieve, write everything you are looking for in there. Of course adults will laugh on this one and will ask, what is a dream in business or in leadership? In leadership and in business, that is what will motivate you, it will definitely do its magic. If you know where you go – you will get to your results. Maybe it won’t be easy, but the chances to get where you go are very high. If you don’t know where you go, if you don’t have a goal – you won’t get anywhere.

The success and experience of today’s leaders are future success and experience for those who learn to follow them, for those who focus on their results and know where they are going to. You can plan your success; you can plan your future enjoying the leader’s results of your planning and work. You can plan how it will happen and who you will share it with. How to do it?  – you will read in the next articles.  So far, focus on the leader’s results that will define you successful and happy leader.


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