What Results Are You Looking For? Part A. Leaders results

What Results Are You Looking For? Part A. Leaders results

February 3, 2013 3:11 pm 0 comments

Leaders Results

Experience of a company leader is a collective experience of many leaders who gained success in the same field already. Before making an important decision a good leader always asks for opinion of those who cut their teeth on it. It is right to follow the attitude of experts who work and get prosperous leaders results, especially now, in the times of crisis.

One can hardly start with any fears in the times like these, when even big stable for years companies go bankrupt. But for the beginners this is the only time they have. No matter what is going on in the world, it’ is their time. The right attitude will give you desired results, leaders results.

What plans do you have? Businesses are growing and developing any way, how do you see yourself in future? What results are you looking for? Leadership is business of people. People by their nature, values, knowledge they gained in life go by two directions. There are those who are oriented on work and those who are oriented on the results.

Let us say someone got his education in engineering, graduated, and got his first job as engineer. He will follow his path in this field as he is engineer. He will be getting for his work as much as engineer is getting for it. He goes to work every day and he works and makes his living with it. And that’s his life. But the there is another one that got his education in engineering as well, and he is looking for what he wants from life, thinking where he goes, what is important for him. He has dreams, he has goals, and he starts to visualize his future dream life. So he projects the results of engineering job, if he doesn’t like the final result he begins to look for something new, for new path, for something that he needs to do to get the results he is looking for. One – is focused on work, because he got knowledge and skills for it, the other one – is focused on the results.

Which one are you? What do you think about? What is important for you, work or the results? A leader needs to find his place in business to gain effective leaders results with no lies, no harm for people and within legal terms.

* * *

A group of students got a consultation class before taking logic exam. Professor gave them a chance to use additional information during the exam. Whatever the student could fit on one sheet of paper he could use while taking examination. So everyone tried to write all the important details that they could use and wouldn’t remember with as little letters they could. Only one student did not write anything and left. On the day of the test he made sure with the examiner that whatever he fits on that sheet of paper he can use to pass this exam. Professor confirmed. In a minute the student brought in the best score student of previous year in logic and placed him on this sheet of paper. Guess what score he had in the end? That student had the best results.

When you start anything on your own you have this sheet of paper to begin with. Who will you place on it? Anyone’s opinion or anyone’s success and knowledge that showed positive results, leaders results? Will you focus on work or on the results?

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